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Download the Reperfection demo here!

REPERFECTION is a new indie adventure series in the style of an interactive Art Noir graphic novel. It consists of several episodes, each of it is self-contained. You unlock new panels and pages of the game by solving different puzzles. By doing so you influence the events in the past and change the future reality, discovering more and more about the exciting storyline. The comic is kept in black and white using color as focus on important objects.

Ben Freeman lives with his wife Sarah and their son Danny in a small house in the suburbs. They are a happy family - until the day Sarah loses her life in a car accident. Due to the loss of his wife Ben's life goes to pieces, but he discovers a so far unknown ability that allows him to revert Sarah's death, jumping to the time Sarah wanted to leave the house and driving into that terrible accident. But the price for saving his beloved is higher than he could imagine...

- Interactive Indie Point & Click Graphic Novel
- Detailed, digitally painted black & white 2D graphics
- More than 50 panels to visit and unlock
- Thrilling and mature story (age 16+ strongly recommended)
- Solving puzzles changes past events that influence the future
- Dark compelling atmosphere
- No advertisements in the full version!

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