Phoenix Online

The Silver Lining


The Silver Lining - Episodes 1-4

 The beloved King’s Quest series rises again in The Silver Lining, developed by Phoenix Online Studios. Daventry has been recreated in a 3D environment with a talented cast of voice actors. A joyous occasion turned tragic after a mysterious figure placed a curse on Princess Rosella and Prince Alexander. King Graham must find the courage once again to save his family. As he searches for answers, he uncovers shadows from Valanice’s past. Can he come to terms with the past in order to ensure a happy future for the Royal family?

Even though the download file says TSL-EP4.exe it is indeed ALL 4 episodes in one exe file.
Also Includes:
  • The Silver Lining Soundtrack, Volume 1
  • The Silver Lining 2011 Calendar
  • Sketches of Valanice, Rosella, Graham, and Alexander!
  • Windows 7 OpenAL Patch - ONLY needed if you have issues with music or audio not working!


Platforms: PC

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